Our Website

Thank you for taking an interest in our website.

This website has been written and is updated voluntarily by our Website Editor.   It was rewritten in 2010, and reworked in 2012, with the aim of being highly accessible so that all of our residents can take advantage of the information on it.   As a result it is unashamedly simple, and we've aimed to keep it accessible by:

  • Using simple web technologies - just basic HTML and CSS, with a little JavaScript
  • Making sure that all content can be accessed without JavaScript
  • No use of Flash which can confuse simpler Browsers and Screen Readers
  • Supplying an ALT tag for all important images so that things still make sense even if images fail to load or a user is using a Screen Reader
  • Testing it on a variety of Web Browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and IE8
  • Asking visually impared residents to use the website using Screen Readers and responding to their feedback
  • Striving for Compliance - both with our HTML and CSS (logos below).

As a result of our efforts, we're proud to be able to display the below logos. You can even click them to check our compliance (as if you'd doubt us!).

  Valid HTML 4.01 Strict   Valid CSS!

As of 2012, we have dropped support for IE6 - however for the remaining 0.9% (at the time of writing) of UK users of IE6, almost all of our website is still accessible.

Finally, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, comments or issues, please do let us know.